Sharons Places

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AboutThe Client

Vacation rental business in Israel, Sharons places is a multi property vacation rental business owned by Sharon Shapira and her husband Perry Shapira. Perry shapira found Dazz Creations while searching for website site designing agency on Google.

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About this project

Perry wants a website which is easy to manage and require no technical skills while doing so. So we have decided to build a custom CMS for him which he can manage with ease, without spending too much time on website.

This website have it’s own custom built in place content editor. With in place content editor the administrator of the website can edit any content on page by just clicking on it, there is no need to go to a backend and then editing the page. It is all done fast and easy for the administrator.

Availability synchronisation is the most important functionality of any booking based website or system. Here we have implemented iCal synchronisation with Home Away calendar. The website automatically fetches booked dates from the Home Away listing of the property and display the same on the website.